Buy Bobcat 1.5 tonne Digger in NZ.

Bobcat 1.5 tonne Digger

Minimum Half Day Hire $75 + fuel

Minimum Day Hire $140 + fuel

Engine Hour $40 + fuel

Auger  $25 1/2 day       $40 full day

Tilt Bucket $25 half day $35 full day

The charge for diggers will be the engine hours used, or minimum 5 hours or 24 hour charge, which ever is the highest

Prices include GST and comes with a full tank of fuel. Long term options also available, please contact us for pricing.


Bobcat 1.5tonne Excavator with 3 buckets: 250mm, 450mm 900mm. This excavator is on its own trailer which is easily towable with a 2.5tonne rated vehicle.

Other attachment available with this digger is Auger to drill all your holes.  Measurements for augers are 200mm, 300mm, 450mm or 600mm.


Width Track (in) 980mm

Width Track (out) 1363mm

Vertical Reach 3743mm

Digging Depth 2602mm

Digging Reach 4276mm

Safety Sheet